Due to the current COVID-19 public health and safety concerns,

we can offer sessions via phone & video consultation

Welcome to Glen Eira Counselling Clinic


Video counselling is an effective way

of ensuring your mental health is cared for

At Glen Eira Counselling Clinic we have introduced a new counselling pathway to service communities of people across Australia. We have introduced online counselling via video conferencing to:

> Couples Therapy & Individual Relationship Counselling –  A priority service during this time as we are living and working in close proximity to each other under much strain and pressure

> Professionals – Psychological support for professionals under stress and pressure due to changes in their roles, redundancies, reduced work hours and pay reductions

> Mental Health – Support for those couples who are struggling with reduced income, instability and insecurity


Going forward our mental health service will be moving clients to our online clinic.  We recognise that this is the best way to protect the safety of our clients, their families and the wider community from exposure to Covid-19.  We also recognise that clients are experiencing social isolation, stress and underlying fears that telemental health services can address.

Via our online counselling clinic we are able to continue to offer the same highly effective counselling and psychotherapy that we have provided in our building for the last 17 years.  These services include depression and anxiety online counselling, couples therapy and relationship online support.

Video counselling has many advantages given that you can maintain regular appointments.  Clients can also access high quality psychological care that is specific to their emotional and psychological needs.  “The therapeutic process is recognised as a positive one with conversation, visual cues and maintaining eye contact all from the comfort of your home or office are the modern luxuries.”

For more information our video counselling services click here 

Individual Therapy

Individual counselling focuses on immediate and past stressors, depression and anxiety. Symptoms affect your capacity to focus on day to day life. Connect with a Glen Eira Counselling clinician to assist in your recovery.

individual relationship counselling

Individual Relationship Counselling can improve your relationship quality. We provide support in working alongside you to bring about positive change in your life.

Couples Therapy

Couple counselling is a highly specialised area. Our couple therapists have the expert training and mastery to offer direction to couples under emotional strain. Evening appointments are available.


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