Is Dignity Relevant Today?

The beauty of dignity is in its truth. The presence of dignity inevitably reveals what you think of yourself. Dignity promotes positive mental health and general wellbeing from the core. The very definition of dignity describes “a state or manner worthy of esteem and self-respect.” It is clearly not just an old fashioned word that has lost its relevance in today’s society but is alive in the relationships we have with ourselves, our significant family and friends and our connectedness to the wider communities to which we belong.

If you do not hold yourself in good esteem, it is unlikely that others will do so either.

“Home brings a vision of that familiar house you have loved for so long
In the mists of the morning some delightful change is dawning
Home is hedges in front and rose blooms in spring
Home is quiet and soft where you rest your feet
Home is a place filled with treasures in cupboards
A place to which love has the key
A place that you dream of wherever you roam” – written by a Grief Counsellor

Just as this poem reflects the safety and comfort in the places “we nest” there is also our inner security and with that comes one’s search for dignity.