Frequently Asked Questions

Is counselling effective?

Talking matters through with a professional trained in psychology and has a full range of strategies and interventions allow you to explore, without judgement or persuasiveness. This is the privilege of talking to a skilled psychotherapist, psychologist or relationship therapist. There are also positive differences that people notice in your home and work life. Changes in your wellbeing and attitudes also reflect that counselling is being effective.

What is GEC clinic central to?

GEC is centrally located in Elsternwick, 9km from the CBD. Elsternwick’s central location to bayside and the inner south-east pockets allows for couples and individuals to make afterhours and Saturday appointments closer to home with less travel time and greater convenience. Easy access via Nepean Hwy through Brighton and St Kilda Roads and North Road to Kooyong Roads.

Are our counsellors registered and qualified? 

As the founder, I ensure that each therapist has current registration and accreditation as a skilled and practicing psychologist, mental health social worker, psychotherapist or couple and family therapist. Each of our practitioners has a Children’s Police check and is registered to accept Medicare rebates under the Mental Health Care Plan. We also participate in regular professional development and clinical supervision across the year.

Why do I need to find a seasoned relationship therapist?

Relationship therapists use a framework for treatment with clients dealing with relationship distress which is markedly different to individual therapy. Drawing on extensive research and clinical experience seasoned couple therapists focus on the key processes during sudden crisis, trauma, divorce, infidelity, job loss and grief. A relationship expert can explore approaches to build hope and strengthen connections whether couples remain together or apart. Relationship therapy is all about inter-relationships and explains why couples who see individual therapists tend to have negative experiences.

Can we offer the most current treatment?

Our team consists of specialists with sound knowledge, education and skills across all issues and ranging from adults, couples, children and teenagers and families. I will directly respond and discuss your personal situation over the phone, Skype or email. Your practitioner will then discuss with you an overview of the counselling process, her rates and her flexibility around day, evening and Saturday appointments.

What about confidentiality and privacy?

Glen Eira Counselling respects your need for privacy and hence we are a boutique clinic, central to the bayside and inner south suburbs focusing entirely on psychotherapy and counselling.

Am I eligible for Medicare?

Please book a longer consult with your local GP and ask for an assessment under the Better Access to Mental Health Care.

How many sessions will be needed to solve my/our problems?

GEC is committed to assisting you to problem-solve and communicate effectively to work through difficult issues. Some couples benefit from short-term and solution orientated sessions while other relationships may require deeper work to address multi-layered problems.

How many sessions can I claim?

Up to 10 sessions can be claimed within a calendar year.