A pandemic is a scary word that makes us feel overwhelmed with fear.

The opposite to fear is hope and a sense that this will be pass.

The uncertainty, the loss of simple routines, familiar faces and smiles brings a mistrust that is wrongly placed.

People are suffering, the aged, their carers, the health professionals, families, young people – no-one escapes the raw truth.

Social distancing, mask wearing, rationing resources and isolating in our homes are the new expectations of responsible citizens who care about humanity.

However we need to continue to soothe and comfort our spiritual selves through rituals that calm our nerves, calm our senses and allow us to interact with each other in a loving and connected way that is life giving and hope sharing.

This is achievable through small acts of kindness, appreciation for our loved ones and to accept the parts in ourselves and others that are complex and stubborn to change during this stressful time.

Now is the time for each of us to be that source of warmth and light that is bestowed in each of us – our talents and gifts.

Outreach within your community and seek mental health counselling if need be so that we can all come out of this a healthy, loving and connected society. That is more sensitive and endearing to the disadvantaged, the aged and the minority groups that make up our communities in the name of our loving God.


Prepared by Elizabeth Rocha

Founder of Glen Eira Counselling Clinic