Anxiety and its insecurities comes in so many different forms, often due to the busy pace of life in Melbourne. The pressures of success, careers, dating, relationships and children are just some of the common stressors we experience.  Anxiety disorders can affect all aspects of a person’s life which feels debilitating and isolating.


  • Do you notice yourself worrying more often across the day and evening?
  • Do you struggle with keeping your moods in check while becoming preoccupied in your thoughts?
  • Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep?
  • Do you experience anxiety that is uncomfortable or stressful in everyday social situations?
  • Are obsessive worries about your relationships, finances, job or health causing you panic, stress and fear?
  • Has increased stress begun to manifest physically through a racing heartbeat, sweating or panic attacks?

Increased Anxiety Is A Common Experience In The Western World

Most people experience stress and anxiety from time to time in our lives.  Contradictory to common thinking, a low-level presence of stress can actually be healthy and motivating. However, when stress and anxiety become heightened over a prolonged period of time, the effects can be mentally, emotionally and physically damaging. The issue is that most people living with anxiety find it isolating as loved ones struggle to understand the anxiety experience and stay connected.

Anxiety Counselling & Treatment

Seeking the help of an anxiety counsellor means you are not alone. The irrational thoughts, challenging emotions and uncomfortable body sensations across the anxiety spectrum will be dealt with. Moreover during anxiety therapy sessions learning to better manage triggers and take charge to work through challenging thoughts and feelings means that the root of the issues are dealt with.  Please call me on 9532 7559 for a short phone consultation to discuss your needs and to book an appointment for anxiety treatment at Glen Eira Counselling Clinic.