What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical Supervision is a formally structured professional arrangement between a supervisor and one or more supervisees. For the purpose of: improving the supervisee’s work with clients; ensuring client welfare; supporting the supervisee in relation to their work, and supporting the supervisee’s professional development. In addition to being used as a method for improving instruction and teaching strategies, experimenting with new approaches and techniques, problem solving, and building collegial relationships. This type of supervision involves reflective thinking, discussion regarding professional development issues, caseload, clinical issues, and staff interpersonal issues.

benefits to you

  • Feel supported
  • Experience less stress, burnout and sickness absence
  • Develop personally
  • Be less inclined to leave your profession
  • Notice an increase in your confidence
  • Feel less isolated
  • Develop your clinical competence and knowledge base

how glen eira counselling can help you?

We provide a confidential one-on-one environment, which enables you to take the emotional load of caring and have it acknowledged and worked through. Together we can work towards helping you to enhance your professional development, please call us on 95327559 to book a suitable appointment time.