Depression Treatment

Are You Feeling Down and Unmotivated?


  • Do you feel swept along by the movement of life?Struggling to get out of bed and function in a fog through your day to day life?
  • Are you unable to make decisions or get excited about family, work and activities that you once enjoyed or think you ought to enjoy?
  • Do you often feel tired regardless of how much sleep you get?
  • Perhaps you’re struggling in relationships and find it hard to connect?
  • Or, maybe you’re having difficulties participating at work?
Living with depression can be a heavy, lonely and isolating time for yourself and for those you care about. The symptoms of depression can also present physically and in behavior changes such as negative eating and poor sleeping patterns, which can all make you feel worse.

Depression Is Extremely Common        

If you believe that you may be depressed, you are not alone. Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health issues within Australia. While groups of people are more prone to clinical depression due to a genetic pre-disposition others experience situational depression following a loss, trauma, illness or major life transition.

Depression Counselling & Treatment

For 15 years, I have been helping clients and couples better understand their depression and develop goals and strategies. With the help of an experienced and warm depression therapist, you can better understand your struggles, problem solve and begin making the gradual changes to manage and overcome these barriers.  Please call me on 9532 7559 to discuss your concerns and to make a booking about depression treatment at my practice.