Executive Coaching – Business, Career and Life

Workplace pressures keep growing as we create lives that are successful and comfortable for our loved ones. However relationship expectations, time and resources to commit to other aspects of our lives are not reducing.  The forces of demand and need for stability create enormous stress on our capacity to cope. With the right support you can navigate complex change, grow professionally and step into key relationships with confidence and peace.

Are you struggling to keep up in your current role?

Do you struggle to know your worth and fall short in showing your value to your peers and management?

Executive coaching can help you overcome challenges with a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and communication styles.


  • Reducing the frequency and intensity of anxious states.
  • Reducing feelings of self-doubt and sense of failure.
  • Navigating work commitments through the lens of relationships.
  • Presenting your best self as a new employee.
  • Building and leading teams with resentful or critical staff members.
  • Successfully launching new projects in fractured/conflictual teams.
  • Establishing a powerful executive presence while being true to self.
  • Communicating your ideas to make an impact without being dominating or passive.
  • Better manage excessive work habits. To be present at important school/family commitments and not feel like you are letting the people you love down.


We all need mentorship and good counsel at different points in our life to build resiliency

By utilizing over 15 years of clinical and leadership experience, my team and I help clients learn the skills to shift their perspectives, find greater clarity and pursue their life with meaningfulness. If you would like to schedule an appointment or to discuss please contact me on 9532 7559.