Life Coaching – Business, Career and Life

Life coaching draws upon the tools and knowledge of behavioural psychology. Elizabeth is able to define steps towards a rewarding work environment and the ability to find your way through professional life with an ease and a confidence which instils a deeper sense of happiness. Since branching out into private practice over the last 10 years, Elizabeth has consulted with various senior management structures and their staff, both in small and large group settings. She has the rapport to develop relationships quickly and to engage with them in a way that keeps them eager to learn about their qualities, strengths and group processes.

Life coaching

Profile building includes areas of strength, growth and weakness. Learning how to say, “No,” and assertive training. Feeling acknowledged and valued in the workplace, building self-esteem and peer identity issues. Bridging the gap between the ideal self and the true self.

Career Coaching

Managing stress, interviewing productively, developing effective communication and how to juggle work-family-life balance amongst career aspirations and travel commitments.

Business Coaching & Team Development 

To reflect upon behaviour and cognitive patterns, mindfulness principles and how to implement this in day to day, building upon one’s understanding of group processes and how alliances occur. Elizabeth is able to offer a unique Life Coaching Services so you can achieve the life –career- family- personal balance you aspire to.