Relationship Counselling Experts

“Relationship therapy requires specialist training to understand the complexity of issues between two people.  To appreciate difference in points of views and find areas to reconnect. Whilst at other times, our role is to facilitate an ending and separation that can keep families intact.” 

With post-graduate training in Couples and Family Therapy, we have the tools to be able to “understand the situations that couples find themselves in and deal with their relationship dynamics.”

We pride ourselves as competent relationship therapist to be able to juggle the art of being sensitive to the history of a couple, what is unresolved, past trauma and their conflict patterns.

“As you peel back one layer of hurt it becomes evident that another one appears; and the process of healing a relationship unfolds.”

The process of Couples Therapy


Couples counselling offers a secure and comfortable space to be able to express each other’s conflicting views without fear of judgement.  The initial session or two is the assessment phase.  It is important that the couple’s therapist spends a considerable amount of time being able to deeply understand the areas of conflict.  Having a solid grasp of the long-standing issues that are highly emotionally charged is the key to supporting couples in distress.


The intervention phase can be divided between individual and couple sessions.  The aims of individual sessions are to attend to any unresolved issues from the past that are a blockage to growth and change. Both partners usually participate in one-on-one sessions to have a greater opportunity to understand themselves and their views on certain issues.

These sessions are often the most productive and small shifts begin to take place within the relationships and are slowly built upon with confidence.  At such a point couples feel more confident in their decisions to stay or end their relationships.

Don’t Let Your Relationship Go Untreated

If you’re looking for a skilled and compassionate couple’s therapist, please phone or email for a brief consultation.  I’m happy to discuss your specific situation and to answer any questions you have about the process, fees and bookings at my practice.