Dating, Coaching

and Success 

Dating, Coaching & Success

In my sessions I repeatedly hear how difficult dating it is for single men and women: in finding a romantic partner in Melbourne who’ll stick around.  How difficult it is to find sincerity – in giving dating a “fair go!!”  Most clients cringe with embarrassment and shame talking about their dating struggles. It is no doubt that negative dating experiences and staying single affect one’s self-worth so much that it can take a huge battering!!

When dating, in the back of people’s minds is the real threat that they are a “swipe away” from being replaced with another face. The dating foundations are way too unstable and cause enormous distress and mistrust. The repeated patterns that one may find him or herself in are: Do you find yourself attracting the same people, experiencing the same let downs and struggling to maintain your self-worth?


The other real issue specific to women in their 30’s and early 40’s is the shortage of good men in Melbourne and the threat that more and more women may not find a life partner and create their own birth family. During therapy sessions, a core issue for many women include discussions about fertility and IVF as measures in reaching motherhood.


As relationship experts, we have significant experience in how to tackle the emotional and psychological struggles that Melbourne men and women experience in the dating scene and ultimately in trying to find their life partner. We’ll address what you’re looking for in a relationship, and what seems to be getting in the way.  We can evaluate your dating profiles and coach around conversations, confidence and body language.  For women who are feeling the loss and sadness of not having found their life partner we understand this.  Please contact us to make an appointment on 95327559 so that a skilled relationship therapist can support you in navigating the dating world and relationships.