Individual Relationship Therapy

Both men and women seek enormous comfort and joy from our closest relationships.  However when there are problems in our relationships, the distress and sadness that this can cause is often confusing, painful and complex.

Whether you are struggling or finding that your partner is not willing to attend counselling then speaking to a highly trained and experienced relationship therapists can help you to problem-solve.

Are you having a relationship in which you experience any of these presenting issues below?

  • Intense and frequent conflict
  • With a partner who is passive and avoidant of conflict
  • A partner or self who is having an affair
  • Experiencing commitment fears
  • Struggling to support a partner with anxiety or depressive symptoms
  • Sexual and intimacy issues
  • Body image and self-worth issues
  • A partner or self who has destructive and addictive behaviours
  • Feel that you and your partner are incompatible and are emotionally distant

If you responded yes, it would be beneficial to seek support to work through these complex problems.

How Glen Eira Relationship Counselling Clinic can assist you

In a confidential one-on-one setting, we will listen to your concerns and help you gain insight into why you are experiencing such issues. We will then help you overcome these problems to regain your confidence. Please call us on 95327559 to book a suitable appointment time.