Online Counselling 

At Glen Eira Counselling Clinic we take the recommendations of the State and Federal governments very seriously, and as a result have amended our clinic practices to adhere to Victoria’s current Covid-19 restrictions.

In order to serve our clients, GEC will now be conducting online counselling via video conferencing. In a time of panic and uncertainty, members of the public will still have access to crucial mental health services with regular contact with their mental health practitioners.

These are challenging times for everyone and you may be experiencing high stress and poor mental health related to the pandemic.

During restrictions some clients share that they are grappling with feelings of anxiety, depression, boredom and loneliness. Many single clients are uncertain about how to go about dating and finding their life partner. For couples, being quarantined can reveal tension and hurt in a relationship that can create stress on even the strongest partnerships. Families are having a taxing time managing demanding jobs while dealing with the learning curve of home schooling their kids as well.

Working with Elizabeth, I can help you:

  • Develop coping skills to manage the shifting demands of life in a time of crisis
  • Combat the stress and loneliness of social distancing
  • Manage difficult relationship dynamics
  • Deal with the anxiety of not knowing what the future will hold
  • Create a plan for improved mental and physical self-care, which will help combat stress and provide for relaxation, improved sleep and more positive relationships.



How do I videoconference?

GEC is conducting online counselling using the web-based software system Zoom. This online system is very simple. Your practitioner will send you a link to your email with instructions to set up your online session. This system is available to download on your PC or through your phone as you require a webcam or camera.

Are there additional costs?

The system being used for online counselling is free for all patients with no additional cost to your ordinary counselling fee.

Does online counselling still qualify for Medicare Rebates?

Yes – with a mental health care plan, patients are able to claim the Medicare Rebate. This also includes patients who also qualify for the Bulk Billed MBS Telehealth service.

There is also a temporary Bulk Billed MBS Telehealth Service for those in Self-Isolation/Quarantine. To find out if you qualify please read this fact sheet https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2020/03/covid-19-national-health-plan-primary-care-bulk-billed-mbs-telehealth-services_0.pdf

If you have further questions or would like to discuss how GEC can provide support in these uncertain times, please call 9532 7559 or 0417 731 199 for a chat.