Do you get involved in: a bbq on AFL grand final, attend an ANZAC dawn service, a bar mitzvah, read the weekend newspaper over breakfast at your local café, mass at Easter and Christmas time, school reunions or a Sunday roast? If you answered yes, then you find ritual meaningfulness.

Whether we are conscious of this or not, we in fact embrace celebrations, holidays and traditions as they are repeated over and over again. Women are more likely to initiate family celebrations however men are just as likely to find meaningfulness and enjoyment as their partners and children.

My sister recently asked me to be my nephew’s Godmother. This brings me excitement, joy and responsibility. To develop a bond with my nephew that will continue into his adulthood, will mean building blocks in our relationship.

Rituals is not an ugly word, it involves emotions and the cross-generation of passing down traditions that are unique to your family experiences. What future family or social rituals would you like to initiate with those you care about? Are there people who sabotage your efforts?

If your family is experiencing anger, hostility, family tension and breakdown in couple, parental or sibling relationships then family therapy is a good strategy. A family therapist can assist family members to develop fun-filled rituals around chores, roles and better listening.

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