Family Business and Relationship Counselling

GEC provides something that few therapists can – expert relationship guidance and consultancy within the context of your business.   An understanding of business processes in family relationships. When relationships between siblings or parents and their adult children become increasingly conflictual the business no doubt begins to also suffer. The two areas of business and family are strongly enmeshed.

“Family businesses have a distinct relationship dynamic that is intense and interwoven in the fabric of their day to day lives unlike any other business model.” 

Family life does not prepare individuals for the competence and capacity to be able to work and function together as part of a family business under a hierarchical structure. Adult children – parent struggles are painful and impact on ones mental health wellbeing.


Elizabeth Rocha has over 15 years’ experience in relationships and business consultancy from small to larger organizations including the not for profit sector.  She is able to support, promote and redefine family business relationships to a healthier and more functional state. Sessions are run as family meetings with a combination of all members to sub-groups to ensure that the issues are drawn out and resentments and frustrations are dealt with (whether from the past or current) in order to repair lines of communication and to heal relationships without jeopardizing the ongoing success of the business. Please call me directly on 9532 7559 to make a booking and a short telephone consult.

Family Business Relationship Model